We apply advanced analytics to your data to provide insights that add value.

How can we help?

Business Challenge

Looking for better information to support your decision making but dont have the data skills, technology or infrastructure to identify the insights in your data

Data Challenge

Need to clean, Integrate and analyse data from multiple sources

Our Solution

We are experts in analysing data providing sector specific products that add value

Where our products are adding value


Retailers want to better understand their customers and maximise transaction spend to increase sales.
Move beyond reporting daily sales totals and make use of additional insight to keep ahead of the competition.

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Converting visitors into subscribers, keeping existing subscribers engaged and winning back those who have cancelled are some of the challenges facing media companies and driving revenue growth.
Creating content that is relevant to your subscribers and targeting ads at the right audience are opportunities for increasing user engagement.

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Modern Manufacturing is focused on improving the accuracy quality and yield of production in order to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Acquiring new customers, keeping existing customers and identifying fraudulent claims.
Analytics lets new products be tested and provides early warning signals for unhappy customers.
Fraudulent or suspicious claims are highlighted for further investigation.

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How we work with you to find a solution


1 Day Assessment

We identify the problem and the data available and decide what can be done to help.


Trial Period

Our trial process allows us to demonstrate our value to your business through a test run of the solution.


Solution Delivery

After a successful trial, our solution is available for your analysis on our platform through a subscription model.

Our clients and partners