Deploy the right data to AI.

81% of enterprises don’t have AI-ready data. gather360 seamlessly sources, structures and optimises data, and connects it directly to the AI-enabled tooling of your choice.

We help AI tools do what they do best, by supplying them with the right data.

AI delivers the most value when it’s powered with structured, clean, and up-to-date data. We make it easy to get the right data from wherever it exists in your business and prepare it so it’s AI-ready.

Connect your business data
to AI tools.

Feeding AI with stale or poor-quality data leads to unreliable answers. gather360 securely connects your data and refreshes it, so your AI always has the best and latest information.

Your quick-start button
for AI deployment.

Focus on the data your AI needs.

Your business data AI-ready.

Fuel with the latest data for reliable answers.

Don’t just ‘play’. Launch.

gather360 empowers your organisation to move from pilots and experimentation to operationalised AI deployment, in one easy-to-use application.

So your teams can move from demo to full launch in just a few clicks.

Go straight from a proof of concept to full, stable deployment in minutes with our connector library.

Don’t limit AI pilots to the technical team. Empower your business teams to safely and securely gather and connect data to AI tooling.

What our users say.

Not only is gather360 proving vital in its own right, but it also brings additional value to our current infrastructure of data tools and technologies. The investments that we’ve made to modelling, insight, automation and AI are all significantly enhanced due to gather360’s efficiency.

Michelle Bree

Former Chief Operating Officer, Pen Underwriting

Think Solve Evolve helped us to clearly articulate our data strategy and develop a road map of data-driven projects which are prioritised to deliver value. The team bring a clarity of thinking that helps simplify the most complex of tasks, they are a pleasure to work with.

Angela Keegan

Managing Director, MyHome

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