Founded in 2012, Think Evolve Solve is a specialist data company focused on helping companies and organisations understand the potential that data has to drive innovation and value for their customers. 

Our team has a passion for technology, learning, creativity and ideas. We create a work environment that is fun, diverse and challenging. We each bring our best talents together to produce outstanding work for our clients.

Our goal is to work with clients who are passionate about growing their business and are looking to the power of data to help them achieve this. Our approach is open and collaborative and we challenge ourselves to ensure that we are not only providing a service solution to our clients but are also developing their knowledge and capabilities.

Our team are continuously learning and developing their skills in using the latest tools and techniques in the fast evolving data analytics landscape. Think Evolve Solve provides high quality training and development for our staff to ensure that we have the optimum level of expertise, and latest thinking, to share with our clients.

We bring to our global based clients the tools and products they need to accelerate innovation in their business by unleashing the power of data.

At Think Evolve Solve we believe strongly that the effective use of data will be the key differentiator that drives the successful companies of tomorrow. We ensure that our clients are positioned to be at the forefront of this trend.