How gather360 started

Since 2012, our team has pioneered cutting-edge data solutions. We spotted two major AI and ML hurdles: poor data quality for insights and complex AI deployment for business teams, often leading to drawn-out tech projects.

Addressing these challenges, gather360 was conceived. Our platform elegantly streamlines the process of identifying, securing, and preparing data for AI use, enabling organizations to connect it with AI tools at a click.

gather360 turns AI into a day-to-day business reality. It empowers users with quality data and the power to independently deploy it into AI tools.

Our focus: pinpointing the exact data needed, fast-tracking beyond strategy and experimentation.

We’re here to redefine AI deployment – making it practical, swift, and transformative for businesses to leverage AI for actionable data insights.

Meet the team

Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell
Aaron Hurley
Aaron Hurley
Product Manager
Ella Copeland
Ella Copeland
Product Owner
Brendan O'Brien
Brendan O’Brien
Business Data Consultant

Our values




Join the Team:

Working with us, you’re not just filling a role – you’re a facilitator at the centre of business transformation for our customers, enabling AI-driven success in the ever-evolving world of data analytics.


Awards & Recognition

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