An end of year message from our CEO

2021 felt like a real step-change for us at Think Evolve Solve/gather360.

The sheer amount of what our team has achieved is incredible, with our organisation celebrating several milestones and achievements in the past 12 months.  

We’ve released several big features on our data supply chain management tool, gather360, that drive enormous efficiencies in how companies handle data management. We’re so excited about the results that we’ve produced, enabling our clients to deliver report-ready data 94% faster.

We’ve applied gather360 to several new business challenges, with excellent results. Our data solutions marketplace now includes recipes to help with reporting challenges like SFDR, ESG Carbon Footprint Calculations, Audit Automation and Bordereaux Reporting, amongst others for the financial services sector. 

In addition, the team has successfully deployed, maintained, and supported several complex data applications to our existing clients, and we’ve welcomed several new clients into our data services capability this year. 

Our Operations Team continued focus on security, efficiency and organisational performance which is enabling us to accelerate our growth. We are also proud to have kicked off our internal ESG audit programme to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon impact. 

I am very proud of our progress and the service we delivered to our clients in 2021. More importantly,  I am excited about what this progress will enable us to deliver in 2022. 

Next year will be the 10th year of operation for Think Evolve Solve. We are kicking off the year with significant growth in our team by advertising five new roles to meet growing demand. I’ve listed these below – if you’d like to join the team, we’d be delighted to receive your application. 

2022 will be a key milestone year for the gather360 solution, which will take centre stage as it powers our market offering enabling companies to realise the benefits of data supply chain management approach within their organisations. 

Most importantly, we plan to continuously improve and develop the service we offer to our customers and enable them to achieve even more with their data in 2022.