Data Enablement Programme

Empowers business teams to identify information requirements and build all the skills to make this information accessible.

Programme duration

4 weeks

Weekly time commitment

2 days


Templates & workbooks


Give business teams the skills and confidence to take ownership of their information, without depending on technical skills or training.

We help teams who are struggling to work with data to build confidence in data usage. Providing non-technical workflows to help business users manage data independently, and access everything they need to operate without depending on other teams.

Sessions are delivered through practical demonstrations and workshops with dedicated subject experts. The course includes a bespoke dashboard designed for your team by the Think Evolve Solve data scientists.


Week 1-2

Identify Information Requirements

Document data resources used by the department, and data generated by the activities that department performs. Learn frameworks to managers, executives and teams to prioritise their most valuable information.

Weeks 2-3

Speed Up Information Delivery

Learn how to use business-friendly automation tools to extract data from multiple systems, and prepare it into a useful, consolidated format.

Week 4

Improve Information Flow

Learn techniques to minimise dependencies on technical stakeholders and external stakeholders who supply business-critical information. Apply methods to improve the quality and enrich the value of information.

Week 5-8

Expand Your Information Layer

Apply learnings to build new information layers in the business, and create a business wide Central Information Layer.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for business teams who depend on large volumes of information to do their role. It is suitable for individuals who want to gain confidence in working with data, those who want to reduce time spent cleaning and preparing data in spreadsheets, and teams who wish to reduce their dependency on other technical teams to get the data they need.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

Identify & prioritise information in your business

Document business information requirements

Automate information gathering, preparation & delivery

Improve collaboration with external suppliers of data

Deliver quality information to reports, systems & teams

What’s included?

This is a dedicated course that is tailored for your organisation. It is suitable for a small group of manager(s ) and team members from one or two departments to attend as a group.

  • Practical workshops and training.
  • Documented information requirements for 1-2 departments in the business. 
  • Practical frameworks and templates to apply this model to additional departments internally.
  • Session recordings, videos, articles and support documents.
  • One reporting dashboard that is designed and built specifically for the team participating.  


The team are extremely professional and highly knowledgeable in their field – true experts. They made it easy for non-experts to understand the approach and benefits by providing clear examples of look and feel and how it works for others. We have no hesitation in recommending Think Evolve Solve.

Brian Lafferty

Director, Lafferty Project Managers

Think Solve Evolve helped us to clearly articulate our data strategy and develop a road map of data driven projects which are prioritised to deliver value. Thomas and his team bring a clarity of thinking that helps simplify the most complex of tasks, they are a pleasure to work with.

Angela Keegan

Managing Director, myhome