Being data-driven is the #1 factor for business success

Think Evolve Solve provides data services to give business leaders the skills, workflows and tools to generate revenue from the data in your company. We cut through the noise when it comes to data.

Does the below sound familiar?

You know the business inside out, but for some reason, it’s always difficult to get up-to-date reports to make decisions.

You have tried implementing new systems or investing in ERP. But the reporting you get is still inconsistent, incomplete, or delayed. So, you end up making decisions based on your gut in key areas like finance, procurement and sales.

You know your business could be doing more with data. But projects to do more with data either don’t get started or seem to hit a roadblock.

At Think Evolve Solve, we cut through the noise when it comes to data. We help you access the skills & tools to provide actionable, up-to-date and trustworthy information when you need it.

Our Data Services

Choose the right data delivery model for your business.

Data Solutions

We design and build dashboards & reports for your business teams.

Data Services

Our team manage parts of your data workflow as an ongoing service.

Data Strategy & Training

Get practical training from our team to upskill your business.

Why Think Evolve Solve?

We don’t try to fix your data landscape by switching existing technology or recommending complex strategies. Instead, we fix your process for using data.

We have developed a proven approach that enables companies to pinpoint the high-value data in their organisation and deliver a simple, automated workflow to deliver it, without getting bogged down in complex systems.


faster access to information


time-saving for teams producing reports


week delivery for actionable results


Think Evolve Solve is a team of data experts with access to a powerful suite of data tools.

We empower business leaders to convert data into revenue growth. Find out how we can help your team.

Why invest in data NOW?

There are 4 strategic mistakes that companies make with data:

They focus on the data they HAVE, not what they NEED
This means teams often get sidetracked. They produce complex reports with huge volumes of data, as it’s difficult to identify what is most valuable. Your board, and business, struggle to cut through the noise and get relevant insights.

They store data in spreadsheets
Spreadsheets are great for viewing data, but there are several inefficiencies in using it for data storage. This results in extra processes in the business to manage versions, consolidate data and download from systems every time a report is needed.

Their data processes aren’t scalable
Each team has it’s own data process. The time invested in exporting and preparing common datasets like orders, and purchases is not reused.

They treat data as an IT function rather than working with the business
It seems like a natural step to make IT responsible for data. However, this team is not in the best position to understand business processes downstream, meaning they don’t always provide the right data or solution for the business.


Think Evolve Solve was instrumental in the development of our enterprise data solution… While their ideas were impressive—driven by their wide knowledge of the field & potential solutions coupled with their intellectual curiosity & honesty—their ability to implement was even more so.


Chief Data Officer, Zurich Ireland

We engaged in Think Evolve Solve’s Discovery Process to inform our data first digitalization project. The team are extremely professional and highly knowledgeable in their field – true experts. They made it easy for non-experts to understand the approach and benefits by providing clear examples of look and feel and how it works for others. We have no hesitation in recommending Think Evolve Solve.


Director, Lafferty Project Managers

Think Solve Evolve helped us to clearly articulate our data strategy and develop a road map of data driven projects which are prioritised to deliver value. Thomas and his team bring a clarity of thinking that helps simplify the most complex of tasks, they are a pleasure to work with.

Angela Keegan

Managing Director, myhome

Think Evolve Solve did a great job of analysing our Data Landscape. They defined guiding principles to be used to formulate our strategic approach to our Data Analytics programme and provided ongoing support in the roll out of that strategy.


IT Director, Zurich Ireland

Not only is gather360 proving vital in its own right, but it also brings additional value to our current infrastructure of data tools and technologies. The investments that we’ve made to Modelling, Insight, Automation and AI are all significantly enhanced due to gather360’s efficiency.


Chief Operating Officer, Pen Underwriting

We are Think Evolve Solve

We’re passionate about helping businesses unlock the power of their data to drive success.

We help boards and business teams make sense of the data in their organization and deploy data-driven solutions that grow business revenue.

With over 10 years of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining data services, we have established a proven approach to help boards and business people convert data into actionable information.

Ready to unlock the power of your data? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how TES can help your business thrive.



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