The end-to-end data management tool built for business teams

Manage the data supply chain, and forget the data preparation.

Prepare business-ready data faster so you can focus on insights.

Source Data

Define Requirements
Add Suppliers
Establish Pipelines

Prepare Data

Quality Assure
Transform & Enrich

Deliver Data

Produce Audit ID
Connect to Apps
Connect to Warehouse

Deliver data





less time on data prep

An easy way to scale your data supply chain

Quickly define requirements, implement governance and create pipelines in one central interface, and save hours of time on data management.

gather360 enables you to add new data suppliers with the click of a button, so you don’t need to add configurations for every data source.

Get correct data first time, every time

Enable suppliers to take responsibility for data quality by clearly defining requirements and automating data validation.

gather360 checks provided data and flags data errors to the supplier for correction, so they can resolve issues before data is received and reduce the need for manual data corrections.

Measure and improve KPIs to get business-ready data faster

Reduce the time to deliver data by monitoring the KPI dashboard so you can identify and resolve bottlenecks in the data supply chain.

Monitor the performance of individual suppliers and the status of data deliveries to easily understand how your data supply chain is performing.

Automate data preparation

When you have multiple reports to create, data preparation activities can seem neverending. Automating this work frees up large amounts of time to focus on building valuable reports and identifying insights.

Use gather360 to automate data validation, transformation, enrichment and consolidation activities. Automate as much or as little of the process as you like, to deliver data faster to your organisation.

Log all data activities in an Audit ID

Track the data preparation process in an audit log, so you can easily showcase how it has been quality assured.

gather360 tracks data activities from sourcing right through to delivery, so you can quickly showcase how it has been quality assured to auditors and executives, and easily assess it for re-use.

Scalable solution
Add data sources at the click of a button to process as little or as much data as you need, as often as you need it.
Secure interface
Manage end-to-end data activities in a single, secure SaaS cloud environment.
Simple integration
It’s easy to connect gather360 directly to existing data apps, warehousing and analytics solutions.
Multiple storage options
Output data to your existing storage infrastructure on Azure, Snowflake and others.
Fully customisable
gather360’s advanced rules engine is fully customisable to your data needs.
Dedicated help centre
Our easy to read help centre helps your teams easily onboard to using gather360.
In-app support
Our support team are available every weekday via an easily accessible in-app live chat.
In-browser access
gather360 loads in the browser, so there’s no need to install or manage software.
For ManagersFor AnalystsFor Suppliers

Manage activity, measure performance and identify bottlenecks to deliver data 94% faster

  • End-to-end visibility and measurement of data activities
  • Easy to configure, update and scale to meet changing requirements
  • Simple and easy to onboard and monitor new data sources
  • Turn key interface for business teams
  • Iterative, customisable automation level for gradual adoption
  • Generates Audit ID for every data row

Easily configure, update and automate data activities to reduce time spent on data preparation by 60%

  • Simple to build and update data rules and requirements without technical assistance
  • Minimises numerous data solutions into one central tool
  • Automates mundane and repetitive data activities
  • Fully customisable for a range of business needs
  • Easy to configure, amend and update 
  • Automates mundane and repetitive data activities
  • Easy to use, non-technical interface

An easier way to supply data

  • Minimise the back and forth of data sourcing with automated notifications
  • Get a clearer understanding of data requirements with system-led data requests
  • Build automated data transfers and edit mappings without needing to liaise with technical teams
  • Automate mundane data preparation like quality assurance, mapping and transformation 
  • Identify and resolve data errors within the interface in real time and never miss a data submission 
  • Evidence all data preparation activities with a row level Audit ID

Deliver data faster with gather360

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