Deploy AI across your business.

We help your teams to safely access business data and to deploy it to AI tools.

Get reliable data to power AI solutions.

gather360 efficiently sources, validates, transforms and enriches business data so it’s clean, consistent and AI ready. Our collaborative interface empowers business teams to independently and securely get the data they need, and deploy it to AI tools. So they can access AI fuelled by real-world, up-to-date data from your organisation.

An end-to-end platform for AI service delivery.

We simplify the path to practical AI deployment.

AI-ready data preparation

Identify critical data and get it from in the business, or outside of it. Validate, clean and consolidate data from files, systems, vendors and suppliers so it’s ready for AI tools.

Deliver AI tools fast

We simplify the path to practical AI deployment, by enabling teams to easily and safely connect their business data to AI tools.

Empowering business teams

Empower business teams to work independently in a secure interface that enables them to safely fix data errors.

Track provenance with Audit ID

Get full confidence in data quality with the row-level Audit ID. Track the full history of every upload, and all checks, edits and transformations.

One tool to deliver AI across your business.


Connect, request and access business critical data from internal systems and files, or from external partners and vendors, in just a few clicks.


The powerful, intuitive rules engine automates data cleansing checks, by checking data for errors, and standardising formats.


Transform data into a standardised, consistent, and consolidated format to create a trustworthy knowledge repository in your business.


Empower your business teams to deploy trusted business data to approved applications and implement AI tools in their business.

Your AI success begins with us.

Connect your business data to AI-driven functionality in the apps you use today.

Chat to your data using natural language to get AI driven briefings and updates on the status of key activities in your business.

Launch pre-built reporting templates for key activities in your business. Browse a library of bespoke solutions for the Insurance, Banking, Audit and Financial Sectors.

Browse a directory of expert data and AI service providers and get custom solutions, support and advice.