Transforming how businesses share and gather data

Ensuring the data received is clean, complete and ready for analysis

gather 360 - What it does

Maps, validates, transforms and enriches data received from multiple sources internal and from partners into a standard format so that it can be used to power downstream systems, advanced analytics, machine learning, AI and automation.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Re-invents how you collect data
  • Provides data providers with the tools they need to easily provide exactly what you require with signficantly less effort than current processes
  • Dramatically changes how data collection, preparation and enrichment is completed
  • Fuels businesses with high quality data enabling the application of intelligent automation, advanced analytics and AI driven solutions
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Facilitates collaboration with your partners allowing a shared view on the data
  • Provides clear lines of ownership between the data owner and data requester supporting data lineage
  • Ensures the secure exchange of data

Available Deployment Options

On Cloud

Data processing and storage is completed on the Gather 360 tool


Data processing complete in the cloud with data storage on client cloud/premises

How it works

Step 1: Define the data you need

Create a Data Request for your external partners defining the data you need.

The Data Request allows you clearly explain what is needed and in what format.

By focusing only on specific and relevant data the Data Request will reduce time spent trying to understand data coming in from your partners.

Step 2: Send the Data Request to your partners

Once you are happy you know the data you want, send the Data Request to your partners.

Providing a structured and clear format with descriptions ensures your partners can understand and agree what’s needed while also providing both parties clear visibility of the data shared.

Step 3. Provide access to your partners to easily share the data

Sharing the tools allows your partner to map and submit the data.

Your partner can test submissions and easily identify errors. Allowing your partners proactively manage errors at source maintains the integrity of the data and accelerates time to value once the data request is returned to you.

Enable your partner to automate the sharing of data and manage any errors in sharing easily and efficiently while continuing to ensure you get great quality data

Step 4 : Consolidate the data into one single source

Once your partners return the Data Request you can easily review and consolidate the data into one single source providing the business with the ability to:

  • Apply business rules
  • Enable data enrichment
  • Perform analytics
  • Provide reports

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