Get trustworthy data in minutes, not weeks, with gather360

We’ve released a software! It’s called gather360, and it offers a unique solution to a very familiar problem – ensuring good data quality.

We started developing the tool after working on data quality solutions for clients in a range of industries over the past seven years. In each company we worked with, we saw data analysts doing repetitive and time-consuming work to clean and consolidate datasets they’d sourced from various systems, departments and external stakeholders. They were working with data they had already received, in the state that it had been sent to them, and doing much of the leg work to prepare it for use manually.

We realised that if we sourced data differently, in a standardised, system managed way, we could drive huge efficiencies in this process and allow the data analysts to focus on data insights, not data preparation. So this is what our team of data scientists, engineers and product designers set out to do.

About gather360

gather360 is designed for business users, not tech teams. It enables them to source, validate, consolidate, and enrich data in minutes, not weeks, all via a no-code automation workspace.

gather360 maintains data quality throughout the lifecycle by augmenting every row of data with a unique ID detailing the data source, validation, and processing, so you automatically have a historical record for auditing and quality control. It delivers this data into a central, read-only database to power your internal systems and processes, which we call the Data Quality Layer.

Throughout the process, gather360 records metadata about your data workflow, so your ops teams can remove bottlenecks and drive efficiency.

Return 60% of time to your data teams

We’ve released gather360 to a number of our existing clients, with great results:

“On average I’m saving 60% of my time on a daily basis by using gather360. On top of that, the data output is a far better quality, and considerably less error prone. It’s hard to say what I’d do without it now.”

Ross Curtin, Data Analyst, Pen Underwriting.

If you’d like to find out more about how gather360 can support your organisation, you can sign up for a free trial now, or read more on our website.