Think Evolve Solve is a specialist data consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. Our focus is to work with companies that are looking to data to drive innovation and business performance. We provide strategic direction, technical resources and data products that enable companies to deliver innovation for their customers.

We work with clients across a range of sectors including insurance, media, retail, manufacturing and finance.

In 2016 Think Evolve Solve completed and extensive review of API Led application platforms to identify a platorm that would allow out clients to successfully manage and secure the flow of data between all systems within their enterprises. Encouraged by MuleSofts speed of delivery, focus on API led connectivity and data architecture approach Think Evolve Solve established a strong partnership with MuleSoft in early 2017.



We provide mature reference architectures to ensure that implementation aligns with your organisation’s business and IT requirements.


TES has experienced and certified Developers who can ensure implementation is a success. We pride ourselves on our development credentials and across both agile and traditional methodologies.


We provide best practices, Flow Templates, Design Standards and Service Governance to ensure maintainabilty, testability and reliablility of your Mulesoft investment.


Robust dependancy management, automated build, deployment and tesing of Mulesoft implementations from check-in production.


Zurich Ireland

Think Evolve Solve were instrumental in the development of our enterprise data solution, helping us to build a robust, efficient pipeline from our systems of record through our data warehouse and into our BI, MI, & analytics layer. While their ideas were impressive—driven by their wide knowledge of the field & potential solutions coupled with their intellectual curiosity & honesty—their ability to implement was even more so: From setting out frameworks & guiding principles to establishing high-quality DevOps, from trouble-shooting thorny issues to passing on the necessary technical skills, and from sketching out an abstract data architecture to putting one that meets our needs into production.

David Kavanagh

Chief Data Officer

Think Solve Evolve helped us to clearly articulate our data strategy and develop a road map of data driven projects which are prioritised to deliver value. Thomas and his team bring a clarity of thinking that helps simplify the most complex of tasks, they are a pleasure to work with.

Angela Keegan - Managing Director

Zurich Ireland

ThinkEvolveSolve did a great job of analysing our Data landscape. They defined guiding principals to be used to formulate our strategic approach to our Data Analytics programme and provided ongoing support in the roll out of that strategy.

Brona Kernan - IT Director