How to Unlock the Power of AI for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical driver of business success in today’s highly competitive global market. While current applications, such as streamlining content creation and enhancing email communication, have already demonstrated remarkable efficiency improvements, the true potential of AI lies in its capacity to access, analyze, and synthesize vast quantities of business data.

By integrating AI with an organization’s data repositories, you establish an invaluable subject matter expert that can be accessible to your teams at any time. AI’s extraordinary ability to process and comprehend enables the transformation of vast, intricate data sets into easily digestible, precise information. This empowers your teams to make well-informed, data-driven decisions by merely posing the right questions, eliminating the need for labour-intensive dashboard construction or technical data queries.

Although this may sound like an ambitious undertaking, preparing your organization’s data for AI integration is within reach, irrespective of whether your data is dispersed across various systems or consolidated within a large data warehouse. The key to unlocking this potential hinges on maintaining data quality. In this article, we present a systematic approach to prepare your organization’s data for AI implementation, focusing on enhancing data quality and maximizing the advantages of AI-driven insights for executive decision-making.

  1. Identifying Critical Data Elements:

To enhance data quality, begin by distinguishing essential information from non-essential data. By creating a concise list of critical information elements, your organization can focus on preparing the most valuable data for AI models, reducing the project scope and improving accuracy and effectiveness. The tip here is to look to your business model as a guide for your information needs and not get lost in the ocean of data points contained in your systems.

  1. Clarifying Field Descriptions:

Ensure that each field in your data warehouse is accompanied by a clear, natural language description detailing its contents and relevance. These descriptions enable AI models to better understand and learn from the data, leading to more reliable insights.

  1. Establishing Data Quality Rules:

Establish a set of data governance rules that dictate mandatory and optional fields, as well as the expected format for each data cell. Adhering to these rules provides valuable information that ensures your AI models can retrieve accurate information, reducing the risk of poor decision-making due to poor data quality.

  1. Auditing Existing Data:

Assess existing data against your governance rules, identifying areas that require resolution and then direct these to the correct team member with the tool to resolve these issues. Platforms like gather360 can streamline this process, ensuring that your data meets quality standards required for AI implementation.

  1. Integrating Data from Multiple Sources:

If data is stored across multiple systems, such as CRM and support platforms, consolidate this information into a unified format. This provides AI models with a more comprehensive understanding of your business. Selecting the correct data consolidation approach is key to success here.

  1. Implementing Ongoing Data Quality Monitoring:

Once data governance rules are in place and multiple data sources have been integrated, automate ongoing data quality checks to maintain a consistent, up-to-date database. This process enables AI models to stay current on business activities, providing real-time insights for executive decision-making. Managing this supply and ensuring it can be trusted is a critical success enabler.

The gather360 platform offers a comprehensive solution for the steps outlined above, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of AI technology in a matter of weeks. It provides a user-friendly SaaS workspace that accelerates data project timelines, enabling non-technical users to create quality data layers for AI-driven insights. Trusted by clients across finance, insurance, media, construction, real estate, and distribution industries, gather360 can help your organization unlock the power of AI. 

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