Find out how we can help your organisation ramp up data usage. Learn about our data consultancy process and select the service that works best for your objectives.

Bespoke data solutions

Our expert data consultants conduct a series of workshops to learn about your company’s data requirements, data governance, and current data availability.


By understanding your business, we can make recommendations about improvements to the overall strategy and inform solution build to create a data ecosystem that will support your organisation in the long term.

A dedicated team of data consultants will support the build of data models, data management systems and infrastructure to support your organisation’s needs.


This infrastructure will have been custom designed by Think Evolve Solve to solve specific challenges faced by your business, capitalise on opportunities and minimise risks identified in the Discovery project phase.

A dedicated data consultant will connect your data feeds to preferred BI tools to build custom, quality-assured reporting dashboards, forecasting or advanced analytical reports.


This will deliver secure, clear reports tailored to your business requirements and configured for your data analysts, business users or executive teams.

Where custom functionality is required, our multi-talented team of data experts, developers and service designers will design a custom software solution within the Azure infrastructure to solve complex data challenges.


Think Evolve Solve will support this software, which will operate a service-led methodology to continually improve and iterate the deployed solution as required.

Ireland's boutique data consultants


Data supports your organisation as a whole. Therefore, your data strategy must consider your entire business to be effective.

Our consultancy process looks at key business activities, existing infrastructure and reporting across your organisation to identify potential risks and opportunities in your data ecosystem and deliver a data strategy that supports the whole business.

This enables us to deliver a flexible, scalable solution that empowers your company in the present and enables you to build upon your strategy in the future.

Ireland's boutique data consultants

Our team of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, mathematicians and developers to lend a range of skills to every project.

We use agile methodology to ensure every project is delivered to the highest quality standards, with clear controls and delivery goals.

We bring the latest thinking in data science, applied mathematics, and computer science.

We design solutions to fit with your existing systems, and integrate with the Microsoft and Snowflake infrastructure to offer maximum connectability.

Expert Data Consultants


Our solutions are designed to support the needs of the future, not just the challenges of today. We pride ourselves on taking a forward-thinking, considered approach to solution design that gives your data infrastructure room to grow and evolve with your organisation.

The software we use is rigorously assessed to ensure it is suitable to scale and integrate as required, and we take care to ensure that our solutions are built in a stable, connectable way from the ground up, so it’s easy to add and remove capabilities as needed.

Expert Data Consultants