Supplier Selection Reporting

Pick the right Partners

Pick the right vendor for the job with real-time, up-to-date reporting on vendor specialities and performance. Compare costs, team sizes and areas of expertise to optimise partnerships and deliver operational efficiency.

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Create a reliable Supplier Selection Reporting in your business

Evaluate Supplier Options

Get all the information you need in one easy view. Evaluate suppliers on key criteria such as quality, reliability, pricing, and delivery performance, to select the best fit for your business.

Build Supply Chain Resilience

Enhance your business’s ability to withstand disruptions, minimize lead times, and ensure product availability. Get a full track record of delivery times and quality standards.

Get the Best Deal

Leverage data on pricing, terms, and contract negotiations to secure competitive pricing, favorable terms, and improved value for money.

Track Ongoing Performance

Monitor ongoing supplier performance Identify areas of underperformance, address issues proactively, and foster mutually beneficial supplier relationships.


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Multiple Options for Service Delivery


We build an automated workflow to create a high quality bank of historical and current data in your organisation.


Present data in a centralised, unified dashboard. Integrate multiple information channels and highlight key KPIs.


Improve data quality build trustworthy AI and ML chatbots to share business intelligence with your team via chat.

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