The platform that allows you to collaborate with data owners.

Transforming how data sharing and requesting is setup and maintained.

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Key principles behind the platform

A key bottleneck in working with data is the setup and maintenance of a data flow.

To setup a data flow you have two main stakeholders the owner of the data (data owner) and the requestor of the data (Data requestor).

For the successful ongoing sharing of data both the data owner and data requestor need to work in collaboration to ensure that the data provided is in line with requirements.

Our platform is specifically designed to ensure that both the data owner and date requestor can collaborate effectively in order to:

  • Quickly and easily setup up a data flow to share data.
  • Distribute the key activities to the right stakeholder to complete.
  • As source systems for data change our platform quickly identifies the change, how it affects the data flow and provide specific instructions to the correct stakeholder in how to quickly resolve any issues. Ensuring the data flow can be maintained
  • Works with all systems by utilising the systems reporting layer rather than connecting to the core system. Making it simple and easy to setup without impacting the performance of source systems.
  • Is designed to enable users to meet GDPR obligations by sharing only the data that is needed, masking PI data where needed and recording the specific purpose for use of any PI fields.
  • Is designed to validate and transform data as needed and enable the creation of single views of data across multiple sources. e.g. multiple partners, multiple ERP systems.
  • Supports the enrichment of data with external data as it moves through the tool. Providing an enhanced dataset for analysis.
  • Works with BI and analytics tools and current internal platforms.